With the ability to create projects on Literal AI, you can compartmentalize different parts of your LLM Product.

Creating & inviting members to a Project

To start a new project, navigate to the bottom part and create a new project.

Once a project is created, you can invite others to collaborate:

  1. Go to the project settings.
  2. Invite members by entering their email addresses.
  3. Assign roles to each member:
    • Admin: Full access to the project.
    • User: Read-only access to the project.
Invite a collaborator

Invite a collaborator

Contact us to create more fine-grained roles.

Managing Literal AI API Keys

You can then navigate to the “Settings > General” tab in your project, access the “Literal AI API Keys” section, generate a new API key, and use it in your application.

Managing LLM API Keys

You can find more information on managing your credentials here.

Project-level settings

Project-level settings in Literal AI:

  • LLM Providers: Set up credentials for LLM providers like Groq, Anthropic, OpenAI, and Mistral.
  • Tags: Organize project threads and steps with tags. Add or remove as needed.
  • Score Templates: Craft score templates to assess LLM application performance.

See documentation for setup details or contact support for help.

Project-level settings

Project-level settings