With Literal AI’s integration capabilities, you can seamlessly monitor all the providers supported by Langchain. This allows for a unified observability experience across different AI models and services, ensuring that you can track and analyze the performance and usage of each provider within the Literal AI platform.

You can thus monitor Anthropic, Mistral, and many other LLM providers.

import os
from literalai import LiteralClient

from langchain_anthropic import ChatAnthropic
from langchain_core.messages import HumanMessage
from langchain.schema.runnable.config import RunnableConfig

from dotenv import load_dotenv

literal_client = LiteralClient(api_key=os.getenv("LITERAL_API_KEY"))
cb = literal_client.langchain_callback()

model = ChatAnthropic(model='claude-3-opus-20240229', anthropic_api_key=os.getenv("ANTHROPIC_API_KEY"))
message = HumanMessage(content="What is the capital of France?")
response = model.invoke([message], config=RunnableConfig(callbacks=[cb]))